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Liguanea Club, General Manager, Gordon Edwards has been extremely kind and supportive of The Worldwide Reggae Embassy on numerous occasions which is greatly appreciated by the organization and its clients.  Together with Director of Marketing and Sales, Sheron Cameron-Dunn has provided great support beyond our expectations. They have sponsored us in so many ways from location sponsorships for filming of promo materials, our executive meetings, to even offering us great rates on rooms for our out of town team and clients.

They had even assisted us with two of our client’s music videos. They not only sponsored the location for some of the scenes but staff members came to the rescue when some actors were needed at the last minute for some scenes for a video of one of our clients.  Many came forward to lend their support as talents for two of the videos; “Rolling Along” and “True Colours.” The Marketing/Sales Director Sheron Cameron-Dunn played a major role in the video ‘Rolling Along’, as well as front desk clerk Fabian and maintenance staff member Yvonne. Not to be outdone was The Liguanea Club’s Former Dining Room Manager who played the role of a politician in the video ‘True Colours’.


To view “True Colours” – CLICK HERE

To view “Rolling Along” – CLICK HERE

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