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(Please take a moment to read the full details regarding this Talent Search. If you are interested in auditioning, continue by clicking the link at the bottom of this page to fill out the online application.)


We are excited to announce that Singer/Songwriter Cameal Davis, in partnership with The Worldwide Reggae Embassy, are currently hosting a major talent search for those in the performing and visual arts for local and international projects. Cameal and her team are in the development stages of many projects for her official career launch and entrepreneurial ventures in conjunction with her business partner; The Reggae Embassy. The Reggae Embassy and their clients will also be implementing numerous projects and events worldwide and are also in need of talented individuals on a continuous basis. Please keep in mind this is not a competition. We are looking for talented individuals to subcontract work to on a regular basis as opportunities present themselves since Cameal, The Reggae Embassy and other Reggae Embassy clients may need your services for their projects. Once chosen, you will become Embassy Certified Talent and eligible for work with not only the Reggae Embassy but all of the Music Embassies, Business Embassies, Entertainment Embassies and Humanitarian Embassy.
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Cameal is in search of talent needed for her new music videos, opening acts for a talent competition, concerts, talent showcases and also her up and coming TV show(s). The Reggae Embassy (RE) also has numerous projects they are implementing that of which they need talented individuals in the performing AND visual arts. RE’s projects consist of their organization’s official global launch, artist/clients’ development, TV shows, films, Embassy concerts and events, and for satisfying the needs of their many clients in music, entertainment and businesses of all types from around the world who require the services of talented individuals such as yourselves.


Due to the special nature of our organization and the needs of our clients’ from various industries, our many projects require the talent and services of those in the visual and performing arts as previously mentioned. Therefore, we are currently auditioning for the following talents:



  • Actors/Actresses
  • Comedians
  • Dance Choreographers
  • Dancers (All Genres) (Individuals and/or Group)
  • Models
  • Music Producers/Composers
  • Musicians (All types)
  • Singers (Opening Acts and Background)
  • Spokespersons/Presenters



  • Fashion Designers
  • Graphics Artists
  • Make-up Artists
  • Photographers
  • Script Writers (Commercials, Music Videos, Story Boarding, Marketing Materials)
  • Videographers
  • Video Editors
  • Website Developers (Coding)


The purpose of this audition is to identify talent for immediate and up and coming projects that need to be filled promptly. Those who audition and are selected, will not only be chosen to participate in immediate opportunities but will also be considered for other projects that arise from our organization and our vast clientele from various parts of the world. Chosen participants will be entered into the main organization’s (The Worldwide Elite Embassy) “Certified Embassy Talent Database” and will receive emails that will provide great detail of each opportunity/project that they may be considered to take part in. Please be advised that some projects may, at times, require those chosen to travel both locally and abroad. Those who are asked to travel will not be responsible for travel expenses.


The talented individuals chosen will be placed on our talent list to receive contractual assignments.  For those who would like to be placed on our priority list and become certified talent, are required to complete a sample assignment so that they can be assessed on their quality of work, work ethics, promptness, professionalism and ability to meet deadlines.  Those who complete their sample assignment will be considered ‘Embassy Certified Talent.’ This special status will allow them to have priority for the projects or subcontracted for work whether talent or service oriented. These projects will vary and may be one time opportunities, or on a short and long term basis.  Those chosen will maintain their certification status for one year and will be eligible for an extension. Those who are inactive after 90 days and have not replied to any opportunities that have been extended to them, will be removed from our database and must reapply if interested in the future.  Those who apply and wish to utilize the Embassies for their career’s professional representation will have priority on our projects since they will then be an Embassy client.


Once you are placed on the Embassy Talent Roster, you will receive emails which will explain the details of each opportunity from either our organization or our client in need of your talent or services. You will then be given the option to reply back if you are interest in being considered for that particular paying or exposure opportunity. The project manager or client will then choose from our list of certified talented individuals from those who have responded to the email. You will then be notified if chosen. Once accepted, you will receive all details of your project in writing which will outline your compensation (if any), dates, times and duties.


An audition fee of $1000 JMD or $12USD per person will be needed in order to secure and receive your audition date. Please be advised that being chosen does not guarantee immediate work or exposure opportunities. However, we do have many paying projects currently waiting to be filled by individuals from this talent search. However, if chosen to be certified but not selected for a current project, you will still be placed on our Embassy Certified Talent list. Those auditioning as a group (such as dancers and musicians) may audition individually or with their group. If you decide to audition as a group, each person will be evaluated individually and all group members must submit their audition fee. We reserve the right to use the entire group for projects or individual group members. Please note that once chosen, you may be asked to complete a sample assignment so that we can not only see an example of your work but also see how well you work with the rest of the Embassy team, follow instructions, meet deadlines, demonstrate your work ethics, punctuality and more. Those who successfully complete their sample assignment will become Embassy Certified and will have priority when assignments are available.
Please note: Audition fees are non-refundable.


The Worldwide Reggae Music and Entertainment Embassy Limited is a licensed Jamaican company and is also one of many major global embassies of The Worldwide Elite Embassy. It is a career and business development organization that offers life changing opportunities for advancement to individuals and businesses who utilize it in order to progress personally, professionally and financially. It also implements many humanitarian projects and programs locally and abroad. It provides hundreds of services from our business partners and vendors which cater to our clients every need. Reggae Embassy

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