Join the Movement of our Global Initiative to Unite Reggae Communities Worldwide!

13818387-world-reggae-music-concept-for-peaceReggae Embassy has launched a new social media page called REGGAE SPOTLIGHT that gives exposure to those creating good Reggae Music on a global level.  A panel of volunteer Reggae industry professionals screen the songs submitted to approve the songs chosen to be displayed.  If a song is not chosen, they provide their professional recommendations of how to enhance the musical project for the betterment of the artist, composer and producer’s career in the Reggae industry.  Upliftment is the goal of this program and organization.  Exposure is a challenge for both the up and coming as well as the established artists.  The Reggae Embassy’s Reggae Spotlight is a step in awareness of global Reggae music, while maintaining that Reggae is and always will be a brand of Jamaica that has touched the lives of many worldwide.