Join the Movement of our Global Initiative to Unite Reggae Communities Worldwide!


The Official Worldwide Reggae Embassy is dedicated to filling the gap within the music industry not only in Jamaica but globally by
educating aspiring and established individuals in the business.  By offering many seminars, workshops and educational orientations, The Reggae Embassy team has been receiving great reviews for making a difference to those seeking the correct knowledge of the business.

Elite Embassy, Director of Operation, Christina Grand has been meeting with individuals,  management firms and record labels who truly wish to educate their clients properly.  The educational orientations explain about various topics such as royalties, writer’s societies, publishing, master rights, roles, song splits and other important information so that people learn the business.  The music embassies have also been assisting with the paperwork so that recording artists, musicians, composers and song writers align themselves with a Writer’s Society such as BMI, JACAP, ASCAP, PRS, COTT, etc.

Many artists and managers are learning a professional proper way of doing business through the Embassies so that Reggae is taken seriously in the business world and mainstream market.  Ms Grand had stated that she is overjoyed by the numerous positive comments of appreciation shown by many who she and the Reggae Embassy have assisted.

Many individuals are electing to utilize the Embassy’s booking division, publishing division and professional representation division in order to advance their career while learning how to become a CEO of their own empire.  The organization works with everyone whether or not they have current management.  Many are choosing to take advantage of the organization by applying for various career partnerships that the organization offers where the Reggae Embassy  invests in the client in part while assisting with the two most expensive aspects of anyone’s career or business; a strong team and global exposure.

Education is the key to revamping the Reggae Industry in the way that is should be.  The Reggae Embassy will provide structure and organization that is so desperately needed but most importantly, those seeking information will be educated on a global level.