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Music Composer/Producer “Lanz 876 ” who is popularly known as the 2012 hit song producer of “Yah Suh Nice” by Dancehall artist Potential Kidd has released his first song since becoming a hit song producer at the young age of only 17 years old.  The controversial song entitled “Mama Cry (Babylon Brutality)” was written by I-Noble two years ago when his teenage cousin Lance was murdered by police in his home town of Trenchtown, Kingston Jamaica.

This song lashes out at corrupt police officers who terrorize young men in inner city communities, most times without a cause.  I-Noble hopes that his powerful lyrics reach these misguided police officers and they mend their ways.

The Producer and Executive Producer of “Mama Cry”, Embassy Executive Christina Grand, was impressed with I-Noble’s lyrics and strict message which caused her to immediately take on project since this topic is near and dear to her heart as well after losing a friend to police brutality in the Papine area of Kingston.  A Reggae Version of the song was originally produced by Reggae Embassy client “Roadz” yet Ms Grand and I-Noble were also looking for a different sound to the riddim yet still maintaining the Reggae version.  She decided to bring in the first endorsed composer/producer of the Dancehall Embassy, “Lanz 876”, to compose a riddim for the Dancehall crossover version of the song.

Together, I-Noble, Lanz 876, and Ms Grand began to produce the project.  Others within the Embassy took great interest and became involved to assist with this project such as Reggae Embassy singjay, Eldie Anthony, who had assisted with the background vocals and heartfelt whaling adlibs.  He also has been given credit for his dedication to this project while being named as Co-Producer.

The song was recorded at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica with engineer “Tixie” who both I-Noble and Ms Grand specifically requested for this project.  Tixie has worked on many of tReggae Embassy and Dancehall Embassy recordings and has gone above and beyond his role as a recording engineer.  He assisted Christina Grand and Eldie Anthony in the production of this song and all involved were extremely happy with the outcome. Even though hired as the engineer for the recording session, the Reggae Embassy believes in fairness and has given Tixie credit for his involvement as a Co-Producer of  “Mama Cry” as well.

After an amazing recording session, the production team was ready for the song to be mixed.  Since this project was so special to everyone at the Music Embassies, those involved wanted to keep it within the family.  Embassy Executive Michael Leslie had chosen Reggae Embassy client and mixing engineer “Voltage” to mix the song.  He spent countless hours perfecting this quality production and shared the experience with Lanz, I-Noble and Embassy client DJ Rhome who were present during the mixing session at Voltage’s studio.  Mixed and Mastered to perfection, “Mama Cry” was officially born on July 6th, 2012.

The song is being referred to as a “Garrison Anthem” and all involved wanted to immortalize the moments of the making of “Mama Cry.”  Ms Grand filmed the rehearsals, recording and mixing sessions.  Reggae Embassy associate “Skanka” had filmed some promo footage a while back which was also included in the “Making of Mama Cry” promotional video edited by Embassy client and team member Ramon Lindsay.

This song was first aired on radio and receiving regular rotation by Jamaica’s Irie FM Radio host “Digital Chris” who has been an avid supporter of the Reggae and Dancehall Embassies and its clients.  Recently, RJR’s Ignition Show host, Markland PKA “Action” invited all of the Reggae Embassy clients and executives involved in this project on his show for an interview and the official public presentation of “Mama Cry”.

The Reggae Embassy and Dancehall Embassy clients and executives are overjoyed by the abundant amount of love and support they are receiving for this project and others.  The promotional video mentioned above can be viewed below.  The official music video is in the development stages and the preparations for a formal world launch will be implemented in the very near future.

For interviews or business inquiries for any of the above mentioned individuals please contact the Reggae Embassy through the Contact Us form on this website.



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