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The Reggae Embassy and Dancehall Embassy applaud JACAP’s recent decision to sue Media Houses who are NOT paying to use the music of the Jamaican song writers as well as other songwriters from around the world.  It is sad that it had to come to this since it is the Jamaican government’s obligation to see to it that Jamaican copyright owners and other song writers are getting paid from these stations to use their music to earn.  This is a drastic step but it needed to be done.  Far too many people blame JACAP by saying that they are not getting their royalties from them, but how can JACAP pay if the stations are not paying the royalties to them. Radio stations are earning from using  music to gain listeners and also to gain advertisers.  Companies advertise to market their products to the listeners who are tuning in for the songwriters’ music.  A percentage of advertising is how the creators of the music get paid which is how royalties are created.  Therefore, if the stations are using the music to make money from advertising,  the song writers must be paid!  Hats off to you JACAP for taking this stand for the songwriters both in JA and abroad.