Join the Movement of our Global Initiative to Unite Reggae Communities Worldwide!

Singers Eldie Anthony, Cameal Davis and I-Noble make history by becoming the first endorsed recording artists with The Reggae Embassy!

Recording Artists will utilize the Music Embassies in many ways.  Some may want to simply use the services that the organization provides on an as needed basis while others feel at home with the RE and choose to partner with us.

Since the organization offers everything that one would need for their musical career it is easy to see that the organization brings comfort for our clients since everything is structure properly and professionally.  Many of our clients love this aspect of the organization and have chosen to take advantage of all of the necessary division; bookings, publishing, professional representation and global exposure.

By doing so, they can receive Endorsed status depending on their options.  Since our clients are fully in control of their careers, a specific formula of choices warrant the clients the Exposure Endorsement which saves them thousands of dollars on exposure costs.

We are proud to announce that three talented incredible individuals have been chosen prior to the organization’s launch to be the first endorsed clients of The Reggae Embassy; Eldie Anthony (Waltham Park, Kingston), Cameal Davis (Denham Town, Kingston), and INoble (Trenchtown, Kingston.)

These talented artists will be featured on all materials and marketing materials for the organization on a global level for not only the Reggae Embassy but the main organization as well; The Worldwide Elite Embassy.