Join the Movement of our Global Initiative to Unite Reggae Communities Worldwide!

1. What is the Reggae Embassy?
It is a major global organization that offers life changing opportunities for advancement for everyone. Our goal is to assist everyone who comes to the Embassy for assistance to enhance their lives personally, professionally and financially regardless if they are in music or entertainment, own a business of any kind or are simply an individual. The Reggae Embassy takes pride in finding solutions to the issues at hand. It builds empires while making dreams a reality!

2. Is Reggae Music its sole focus?
Yes and No. Yes Reggae is our sole focus but not just Reggae as the world knows it, but all subgenres of Reggae; Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, Lovers Rock, and Dancehall. There is an Embassy for each subgenre as well which is governed by The Reggae Embassy.

3. Where is it located?
The Worldwide Headquarters is in Kingston, Jamaica and the Business/Corporate Headquarters is in the South Florida Area.

4. Who started it?
A group of private individuals who have done well for themselves financially wanted to give back to the community and do something that would benefit people from all walks of life while preserving music and the arts and encouraging business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

5. Why was it started?
It was started not only to assist those who wish to utilize to advance their careers or business, but also to advocate for the Reggae Industry as a whole since there are many issues that the entire industry is facing that need to be addressed. The Reggae Embassy is here to make a difference in the industry therefore all needs, wants and concerns will be top priority.

6. When did it launch?
It had its soft launch in 2011 when it started to accept a couple clients prior to the official launch which is scheduled for 2012 which also happens to be Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence. The launch will happen in phases. In mid 2012, it will have the media launch which will announce the organization, encourage registration to unify the Reggae communities globally, announce the endorsed celebrities, and present the Celebrity Advisory Board.

7. Is it a part of another organization?
Yes and no. All music genres have their own Embassy under the main Embassy which is called “The Worldwide Elite Embassy.” However, each Embassy is individually run but under the same guidelines set forth by the main Embassy in order to ensure professionalism and the maintenance of its solid infrastructure.

8. Is the Reggae Embassy only for those who sing or deejay? (Recording Artists)
No. Anyone who does anything in music, entertainment or if they have a business regardless if it is in the music and entertainment industry can benefit from the organization. Individuals as well who are simply fans of the music will also benefit from the organization as well. We assist not only those who are recording artists, but also, producers, managers, management companies, record labels, booking agencies, studios, etc. Basically anyone in the Reggae Industry can utilize the Reggae Embassy as the tool it was developed to be for whatever need they may have.

9. How many divisions are there?
Division One is for Established Celebrities (Reggae Icon Division)
Division Two is for New Talent that is Up and Coming (Discover Stars Worldwide Division)
Division Three is for businesses of ANY kind and also Nonprofit Organizations
Division Four is for Major Corporations and Government Entities
Division Five is for YOU/ US the people of the Reggae Communities Worldwide

10. Does the organization just assist the music and entertainment industry?
No. EVERYONE can come to the Embassy for any of their needs. Businesses and Individuals will also benefit.

11. What does it do for business owners?
Each Embassy has a Business Advancement Division that offers support, services, features and benefits. This division is using an innovative system that was developed around the 10 components of a successful business called “The SUN Business Support and Resource Program.”

12. How can it benefit non-profit organizations?
Non Profit Organizations (NPO’s and NGO’s) will benefit by utilizing the Business Advancement Division in order to ensure that they are implementing all 10 components of a successful business, they may apply and be chosen for the Adopt an Organization Division that will assist with funding their community projects in part and may utilize the Embassy for the various funding opportunities.

13. Is it affiliated with the government?
No. The Reggae Embassy is NOT a government entity. However, we do hope to work with government entities so that we can be instrumental in implementing projects and programs that will better the quality of life of the residents in each country that welcomes the organization’s assistance.

14. Why does one of the divisions assist the government entities? How and Why?
The Embassy’s goals are to work closely with the government programs, ministries and tourists boards to assist with bettering the economy and increasing tourism. The Reggae Embassy has experienced business and financial consultants that will assist in many ways. The reasons for assisting is that if there is more tourism and other things implemented to better the economy then there will be more jobs which will directly benefit the people of each country that utilizes the Embassy to their advantage as well. The government has no control on Reggae Embassy operations since it is a separate entity altogether. We hope to work closely with the governments that willing to accept our assistance in order for the common goal of a better quality of life for its citizens.

15. What is the name of Division One and who does it serve?
Division One is called the Reggae Icon Division and serves the needs, wants and concerns of the Established Reggae Celebrities of specialty areas of all types.

16. What is the name of Division Two and who does it serve?
Division Two is called The Discovering Stars Worldwide Division which assists new talent of all types by offering them various opportunities to achieve their dreams of music, film, fashion, and entertainment industry.

17. What is the name of Division Three and who does it serve?
Division Three is called “The Embassy Business Advancement Division” which serves new and existing businesses and non profit organizations with their growth and economic development.

18. What is the name of the program that Division three is using to carry out what it does for businesses?
The Business Advancement Division utilizes an innovative business advancement system called “The SUN Business Support and Resource Program” which is the only program created to date that was developed around the 10 components of a successful business.

19. How many sub-divisions are in Division three?
There are 10 Divisions

20. Why are there so many subdivisions in Division three and what are the names of each one in order of importance?
There are 10 divisions in Division Three because a separate division was created around each of the 10 components of a successful business. 1. Credibility and Affiliation 2. Community Involvement 3. Support, Guidance and Consulting 4. Access to Reduced Business Expenses 5. Professional Development 6. Exposure (Advertising, Promotions and Marketing) 7. Branding 8. Networking Opportunities 9. Referral Systems 10. Creating Business Relationship Systems

21. How much does it cost to become a member of the Reggae Embassy?
Membership is FREE of charge for the Unity Membership which is a major mission of the Embassy to unite the Reggae communities worldwide. If you would like to support the many missions of the organization, become a sponsor of our organization which also assists us greatly with our humanitarian efforts. By doing so, you will receive special benefits and savings when you become an Elite VIP Member. Membership dues are only $10 per month and includes a savings program as well with numerous benefits. For every 40 memberships, we sponsor 5 life changing surgeries in the names of our 40 members while also nurturing talent, assisting growing business owners, creating career opportunities for many and numerous missions within the community.

22. What if I like other music other than Reggae music, what are my options?
All music genres have their own Embassy. You can become a member of each one at no charge. The website to register for all sites will be

23. Why would someone become a member of the Reggae Embassy?
Everyone will have their personal reasons for becoming a member of the Reggae Embassy. It can be because they love Reggae music, to become a part of the mission to unite the communities worldwide, to request assistance for their career, business or for them personally, to assist with the humanitarian efforts of the organization, to preserve the music, to utilize the Embassy to increase their business’ profit, to gain exposure for their career or client’s career and many more reasons. The reasons are endless.