Join the Movement of our Global Initiative to Unite Reggae Communities Worldwide!

The Worldwide Reggae Music and Entertainment Embassy Limited, also known as The Reggae Embassy is a career and business advancement organization, whose world headquarters is in Kingston, Jamaica.  It is a component of The Worldwide Elite Embassy; a major global organization consisting of over 60 Elite Embassies, for the music, entertainment and business industries.

The purpose of the Reggae Embassy is to focus on the needs, wants and concerns of all aspects of the Reggae Industry and those within it, including fans. We offer life-changing opportunities to those who choose to align themselves with us. The Reggae Embassy also governs all of its sub-genre Embassies; The Mento Embassy, The Ska Embassy, The Rock Steady Embassy, The Lover’s Rock Embassy, The Dancehall Embassy. This organization is highly adaptable and offers a wide range of programs, services and assistance for everyone in the Reggae music industry on all levels.  (Assistance FAQ’s)

Our diverse team is made up of many positive professionals, specializing in a wide variety of areas to meet our client’s every need.  These individuals have united to make a major difference by playing a key role in the advancement of the organization, the Reggae Industry as a whole, and also with a strong focus on making our clients’ dreams a reality.  Some of the support that is offered includes business advancement services, booking opportunities, publishing services, professional representation, advocacy and global exposure to name a few.  Not only are the Embassy’s team of professionals there to assist with career and business advancement, they are extremely passionate about educating and protecting our clients and those within the Reggae communities.

Our mission is to not only assist with the personal, professional and financial advancement of the individuals and businesses within the Reggae Industry, but also to find solutions to the problems that the industry is facing.   One of the issues that is a major complaint on a global level has been the lack of unity within the Reggae fraternity.  There are many within the music industry that would like to unite but have not had the platform to do so until now.   For these individuals and businesses, the Reggae Embassy comes as a blessing. The Reggae Embassy has also implemented a global initiative to unite the Reggae community worldwide by founding the OFFICIAL registry for the Reggae Industry; This registry is intended to be a powerful tool to advance the Reggae Industry. Since there is power in numbers, it is vital that everyone who loves Reggae, whether a part of the industry or simply a fan register themselves and encourage others to do so.

We welcome every positive individual, business, agency, and major corporation who wish to unite with us to make the industry as powerful as possible so that Reggae is recognized and accepted in the mainstream market on a consistent basis, while branding those who assisted us in making a difference. We also look forward to continue assisting many in achieving their goals and dreams on a global level. The only way to accomplish this mission is by working together, and it all starts here at “The Reggae Embassy.”